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Oceanic white tip shark at Jackson Reef, Red Sea dive site - Courtesy of Karim Awenat
Oceanic white tip shark at Jackson Reef, Red Sea dive site - Courtesy of Karim Awenat
Hammerhead shark at Jackson Reef, Red Sea dive site - Courtesy of Ellie Taylor
Hammerhead sharks at Jackson Reef, Red Sea dive site - Courtesy of Ellie Taylor

Scuba Diving in Sharm El Sheikh, Red Sea

Reader Reviews:

Dive Site: Jackson Reef

Location: Tiran, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Description: Shark diving

Depth: 19 metres (62 feet)

Visibility: 30 metres (100 feet)

Rating: *****

Searching for hammerheads or tiger sharks on the outside of Jackson Reef in the blue. Dusk is a good time to go, but none were seen. We did get a 10 minute visit from a Longimanus (white tipped oceanic) which stayed with us until we got back (quickly!) to the reef.

Karim Awenat, PADI Advanced Open Water

I dived Jackson Reef in October 2005 with the Red Sea Diving College. It was a great dive although it gets a bit packed if you don't get there early enough! I would recommend the Red Sea to anyone.

Olly, PADI Rescue Diver

I dived Jackson in December 2005, as an ex-Red Sea dive guide I was pleased to see that snorkel boats are not allowed to go there now so boat traffic is well down on what it used to be. My boat had the only divers in the water. There was a nice up current over the Aquarium and round the back to the Lara and the sea was perfectly mirror flat which is unusual for December and Tiran. Sharks were about on the back of Woodhouse. Will be back at the top of the list now less boats are allowed. Just Dive it.

Ian Higgins, PADI Assistant Instructor

We dived the back of Jackson reef in October 2007 with Emperor as rookie divers, the dive was awesome, 5 hammerheads and 1 turtle were spotted and I can’t wait to do it again.

Richard Watson, PADI Open Water

Dived this last year with 2 BSAC instructors and myself. A truly awesome dive, nice and relaxed and over an hour long. Stayed shallow at 6 -12m had a turtle join us for the dive. Simply fantastic.


Jumped at the back of Jackson in the blue. One hammerhead appears... My breathing slowed down, I was taking in every move of this fantastic creature, the backfin, its gracious cruising. Then his 13 mates turned up, my adrenaline whent crazy! June 2007.

Lena, PADI Divemaster

I dived the "back of Jackson" in July '08 with a group from Dahab. The trip was specifically to find hammerheads, which we did. 2 groups of them (a 2 and a 3) at about 27 metres. They were very cool and magnificently graceful. What with the hammerheads, turtles and dolphins during the SI, it was a worthwhile trip. If there are no sharks though, it's a boring dive site.

Simon Kay, PADI DM

My girlfriend & I dived the site in Sept '08 as open water divers. We didn't see any sharks but had a wonderful dive with thousands of fish and a beautiful coral garden & a close encounter with a turtle. Can't wait to go back.

Andy Wilks & Sandie Lorkins

I’ve dived Jackson Reef outside 5 times, 4 of the dives were to say  the least nice but uneventful the last dive in October 2007 was quite memorable it was my 100th dive and I saw a beautiful 3.5 metre hammerhead.

Dumpstermonkey | 06/02/09

Dived the outer Jackson Reef once so far and I can't wait to do it again. We planned to hang in the water at 30 metres for 12-13 mintues to try get to see a hammerhead and just as the leader signalled to head back to the reef we seen a hammerhead in the distance. All the fear was gone instantly, amazing creature, even without the hammerhead the dive was great. To see the chunk of the Lara hanging onto the side of the reef in the depths is amazing. Also saw a small shark the length of your arm and a turtle. A must do dive site.

David Lee | 26/02/09

Dived the back of Jackson several times and haven't seen one shark yet! Disappointing, but the sense of anticipation when diving into the blue is such that I'll definately dive it again.

Ian, AOW | 3/11/2009

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