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Stoney Cove diving overview

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Nautilus, Stoney Cove Dive Site - courtesey of Rik Vercoe
Nautilus, Stoney Cove Dive Site - courtesey of Carina Hall
Nautilus, Stoney Cove Dive Site - courtesey of Rik Vercoe

Diving Stoney Cove, England Inland Dive Site

Reader Reviews:

Dive Site: Nautilus

Depth: 4 to 6 metres (18 feet)

Rating: See Stoney Cove overview

Location: Almost directly in front of the bar / restaurant & coffee hatch. From the left side of the Slipway (facing the water) take a 150 degree bearing and expect around a 1 minute swim (on a good day you can almost see the Nautilus from the slipway). From the Bus Stop entry take a 120 degree bearing and expect a 5 minute slow swim past the front of the slipway. Ideal for introductory training dives a dive to the nautilus can be combined with some of the other shallow features in Stoney Cove. From the Nautilus a 290 bearing will take you to the cockpit (5 minute swim), or a 300 degree bearing past the base of the bus stop will take you to the Tank (Armoured Personnel Carrier) - also a 5 minute swim. Alternatively you could head east past the base of the restaurant and bar, with the wall on your left shoulder and follow the perimeter at 5 meters. After about 15 - 20 minutes you'll reach the 4 meter blockhouse and another 5 minutes will bring you to the crane drum.

History & Description: The Nautilus, or “Nemo” as it is sometimes called is a small, intact, 2 man submarine and looks just like something which would have been used by Captain Nemo himself (albeit on a much larger scale). Its serrated nose looks like a giant upturned saw and the conning tower, tightly shut, rises to within just a few meters of the surface. In reality it is a piece of modern art. This can be an ideal spot for some interesting photographs and marine life can be quite good, with roach frequenting the area. However the shallows and proximity to the entry / exit points make this an area of high diver traffic, so visibility is often reduced unless you are early in the water or diving here during the week.

Rik Vercoe, BSAC Advanced Instructor

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