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Diving in Tenerife

Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands boasts a range of fantastic scuba diving sites and there are a multitude of different companies offering diving instruction and supervision. If you like to add a little adrenaline to your sun, sea and sand holiday then a scuba dive in Tenerife could make for the perfect break.

Dive and Sea Tenerife is one of Tenerife’s most popular diving companies offering a range of tours and services from San Miguel Marina. One of the nicest things about this company is that you can find videos of their dives and diving instructors on their website -diveandseatenerife- giving you a clear idea of what you will be signing up for.

ADC Tenerife offer courses leading to a range of globally recognised diving qualifications as well as providing tours to some of Tenerife’s most dramatic wreckage sites. ADC operates on over 30 diving sites giving you a great selection to choose from. Those seeking adventure as well as official qualifications are sure to be impressed.

Any eco-minded traveller should take care to choose a diving company that has a responsible attitude to the upkeep and the protection of the aquatic environments in which they work. Coral reefs must be treated with care and caution and no diving company should ever encourage or allow you to touch one. Look out for diving companies with ecological awards or certificates as a form of assurance that you are not spending your hard earned cash on diving with a company operating on ecologically unsound principles.

For Tenerife holidays, have a look at package deals through any high street travel agent, such as Thomas Cook. Package holidays are now far more flexible than they once were, allowing you to add on activities or pay extra for plusher accommodation as you wish. However, if you want to be sure of the quality of your dive site, as everyone knows how deceptive the pictures in holiday brochures can be, it is definitely worth taking the time to read a few customer reviews on the Trip Advisor website in order to be sure of making a good diving decision.