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Since the launch of Dive Site Directory its popularity, as well as its content, has grown steadily and we now consistently receive over 30,000 unique visitors per month, viewing 215,000 pages of the directory between them (statistics gathered from Google Analytics). We are very happy with these figures, especially when you compare them with to BSAC's DIVE Magazine, which according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations, is the UK's best selling print magazine, with an average monthly readership of 40,000.

The very nature of the directory is perfect for advertisers as we can deliver highly targeted, broad reaching campaigns which are great value, especially when compared to the costs of advertising in print media.

Download our media pack for 09 for full details.

Banner Ad Pricing

Placement Weekly Monthly Annually
Top Level (home page etc) £40* £120* £1200*
Country Top Level £20* £60* £400*
Regional Level £15* £40* £200*
Listing (text link to your site)     £48
(Click on a placement level for an example of the location) *Prices reduced for 2009 to help you beat the credit crunch!
Packages can be negotiated for multiple levels and extended periods!

For those that would like to advertise but are not confident in their ability to create the banner itself we also offer the option to design and produce the banner for you. Charges for this creative design are 15 but will be waived for those signing up for an annual run.

We sincerely hope that you'll see the valuable opportunity that this presents and get in touch as the income will help us to grow the directory and provide you with even more potential customers.


As well as serving as an index and jumping off point for the rest of the directory our home page is also the perfect place to feature advertorial and promotional content. We have a ‘Diving News’ section in which previous advertisers have promoted books and diving guides, competitions and contests.

For a flat rate of £250 per month you have the option of placing a 180x150px rectangle ad and up to 400 words of copy (including any HTML links you choose).

Business Listings

As the directory is something of a diver’s guide, it seemed natural for us to include links to hotels, dive charters, tour operators and travel agents offering services in the related regions. Our visitors would then be able to read reviews on the dive sites and also locate businesses in the area open to dive travelers.

To this end we have a ‘Resources & Links’ section on the left side of every page with sub headings for ‘Dive Centers’, ‘Apartments & Villas’ etc. If a subheading for your business does not seem to exist we can create it for you!

The links are shown in such a way as to be a natural progression from browsing the dive site pages for a location down into visiting the web sites of businesses listed in that location.

An annual fee of £48 (just £4 a month) will secure you a text link with your business name to a specified page on your website. The link will be placed on all of the directory pages in the country / region that is relevant to your business.

Examples of banner ad campaigns, placement, advertorials and business listing placement can be found in our media pack.


If you are even slightly interested in placing a banner on the site please do not hesitate to fill out the form below and we will be happy to discuss any ideas you have, answer your questions and suggest some options based on previous successes. You can also email Rick directly via if you would prefer.



Business name & address/location:

Type of business:
eg. dive centre

Web site:

To be listed on:
eg. Red Sea region & dive site pages

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Campaign Examples:

London International Dive Show
Total impressions in less than 2 weeks: 20,000

Jandia Sub
Conversion ratio of views to clicks: 6.2%

I have now had a banner advert with divesitedirectory.co.uk for 6 months and to this point it has been worth every penny! I have received many inquires from the site and it has increased our exposure dramatically.

We now have a conversion ratio of 3.6% (views to clicks), which is better than our Google advert which gets 1.3 - 1.6%.

The location of the advert on the site is perfect. It's positioning could not be better. It is very eye catching and the first thing that you see when the page opens.

The service that I have received from divesitedirectory.co.uk has been second to none. If I have had a problem and requested help, I have been contacted immediately and the advice I have received has been very helpful.

Above are just a few reasons why I have found advertising with divesitedirectory.co.uk one of the best forms of media. I would recommend it to everyone, as in this times dive centre promotions, we need to make the most of Internet advertising.

Dave & Ellen, Dive Academy Gran Canaria