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Blue Lagoon - courtesy of Harry Dyson

UK Inland Diving

Reader Reviews:

Dive Site: Blue Lagoon

Location: Womersley, Nr Pontefract

Description: Flooded quarry

Depth: 6 metres max (20 feet)

Visibility: 0 - 3 metres (0 - 10 feet)

Rating: ***

Hi all, thanks for your comments it is very much appreciated, just to let you all know we have plans to dam the top end of the lake and dig it out to 18 metres some time this year and hopefully filter out some of the silt at the same time. Hope to see you all soon. Check out the Website for updates ( www.divebluelagoon.com )

Steve Abbott, Assistant Instructor at the Blue Lagoon

This is a great site for divers in Yorkshire who do not want to travel far. There are a lot of things to dive around (tank, jet etc). It is warm in the summer (18°C). The depth is only 6m, but as the viz is a bit hit and miss (mainly due to the silty bottom being disturbed), you could be at any depth. I like this place as there is no stress and you can stay in the water for ages (an hour is easy and warm).

Neil Norman, PADI Open Water Diver

Blue Lagoon is ideal if you live locally (W. or S. Yorkshire). It's cheap entry. The quarry is shallow but is good for practicing buoyancy, and checking out new equipment. They have an active dive club also. Scuba is gorgeous!

Angela Robson, PADI Adv Open Water Diver

I did my open water here at Blue Lagoon. The staff are very friendly and the dive site is excellent for first time divers. Admittedly visibility isn't always that good but everything is there for you to discover what diving in this country in quarries is about. There are lots of features to discover including a field gun jet and small army tank, hoops are suspended for buoyancy control and a provision for shore or deep entry giant stride access. I would recommend Blue Lagoon to any diver; poor visibilty can build confidence and improve navigation.

Will Lyons, PADI AOW Diver

Now how cool is this site. It opens around 10am and closes at 9pm. Last dive out of the water at 8pm, so around the winter time night diving can be done every day. There are not many fish at the moment but they are coming. If you have done a night dive recently you will have seen all the new fry that are about as well as the baby crays there. If you live localy you need to give it a go.

Wayne Szymczyk, PADI AOW Diver

Having just qualified as an open water diver I feel as though the Blue Lagoon is a fantastic site to gain your confidence. I dived here on Friday, vis was around 3-4 metres! But on a good day you can get a little more!! So have a trip down, there are some interesting wrecks as well.

Mark Pridmore, OW Diver

I dived this site for the first time time today... over all it's a good site, there is stil a lot of work to be done though. The stones in the car park make it a painful walk to the waters edge. Food prices are very good but just don't ask for anything near closing time because you won't get anything apart from been lied to! Vis was ok, pretty bad in places where other divers had been previously, but a few cool stuff to explore underwater and if you are wanting to see fish then don't go here - there's none what so ever!!!

Scuba Bob, PADI OW

Dived Blue Lagoon last weekend and was pleasantly suprised, despite the limited depth (7m max) there are some excellent attractions and if your really lucky as we were you'll catch a glimpse of one of the sturgeon, it was quiet so the viz was good and the on site facilities are good as well, I recommend the sausage butty. All in all and excellent local site for those in Yorkshire that cannot be bothered with the mayhem that is Stoney Cove.

Forrest Leishman

I tried this as an alternative to going to Capernwray from Tyneside. It's really good for diver training especially for novice divers doing their first dives and no temptation to stray down to 20m. Onsite facilities are good and the staff are helpful and at only 5 entry and 5 registration it is an absolute bargain. Overall it's a nice pleasant dive site with a good mixture of underwater attractions.

Graham Parkinson, BSAC Advanced Diver, BSAC Assistant Open Water Instructor

Cracking site for a chill out in a very safe environment, with very friendly staff. A pleasure to visit. I've done a few excellent night dives here with plenty to keep you occupied.

For a safe chill out sit in the artificial cave, and switch off all your lighting. Who needs to pay 100 at a health spa!!!

Dennis Morgan, BSAC Sports Diver

The Blue Lagoon is only six to seven metres deep but there is still plenty to see, when I went the viz was poor only reaching four metres, but in two dives we managed to do some skills on the back of the truck and we managed to see the dews truck. Other attractions include a tank, a field gun, a fighter jet and a fishing boat, although I never saw a single fish. Overall it's a nice dive site the staff are friendly and so is scuba the dog.

Harry Dyson, 12, (PADI Open Water)

Hi all. I like this dive site as a practice site when trying new gear and everyone I have met here is great to chat with. I've dived here a few times but more are planned.


This site is very good. The staff are all friendly and helpful. The site is getting improved everytime I go there. Scuba the dog is a legend.

Tom Evans, OWSI

First dive at Blue Lagoon in Yorkshire. 210 mile round trip to get there. Site was very quiet but a good shop and excellent staff on site. Quick tank fills, reasonable entry fee and hassle free diving.

Water is not very deep (we got 7 metres max) but is pretty clear if you keep off the bottom, but very silty of you don't so beware. Good attractions in the water and easy entry/exits. Excellent site, we will be back!!

Darren Knott, MSDT | 21/02/2009

Really nice dive site, as shallow as it is. A unique selling point could be for parking along side the waters edge. They allow only a very few select vans for scuba schools at the entrance, but it could really benefit in allowing a certain amount of cars to park at the waters edge.

Adrian Paul, AI | 17/04/2009

My buddy and I have dived here many times and find the staff v. friendly and the dives easy and cool. There is lots to see (except fish!!) and the proposed digging out to 20 metres will make it a top site.

Barry Fletcher, PADI open water diver | 31/05/09

Dived the lagoon today. First time I have dived here, normally go to Capernwray. Viz was about 4 metres, water was a balmy 17 degrees! Quite a few decent things to dive around, but not many fish at all. The staff were all very friendly and helpfull and the bacon butties are a welcome snack after nearly an hour underwater!! My only critisms are the car park and driveway leading to the site were like a sludge bath, not good for your dive kit when geting changed out of it. And there is no site map at the entry point on a notice board to give you some idea of where stuff is.

All in all a good site, still in development. Over time it will get even better and I will certainly use it again!!

Andy Crofts, PADI Open Water diver | 06/06/09

Dived here the other day and everyone was very friendly. It's quite a large site and I managed to navigate my way round 4 attractions. Whatever you do stay off the bottom, the silt covers you the second you touch the bottom - this place really needs digging out!!!!! Never saw a single fish and seemed to fin for ages once we got lost in the poor vis without seeing a thing. Would I return??? Not for a quick dive with a 222 mile round trip but for a day yeah and being so shallow an hour off a 12 litre tank is good (due to the shallow depth deepest on the dive computer 6.4m).

Steve, PADI OW | 28/08/09

I do like this site, it's easy and fun to dive when you just want to get wet. The staff are very friendly and it has a very good shop as well. I would like to see an 18m area and filter out some of the silt too, so hope that's a go this year. All in all a good day out and quite warm too 17°C in June - not bad for the UK.

Steve | 14/06/09

My son and I did our open water course here last month everyone was friendley and helpful, will be doing our advanced open water when funds allow. THANKS TO EVERYONE.

Mal & Daniel Wright (Totty) | 15/09/09

Two friends and myslef dive Blue Lagoon on Wednesday 30/09/09. Great site and location just off the A1, staff freindly, good for all skill levels. Only fault is the poor vis, only 1/2 metres if you are lucky. Hope this gets better, it would be a shame if it didn't.

Peter Barlow | 05/10/09

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