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UK Inland Diving

Reader Reviews:

Dive Site: Eccleston Delph Quarry

Location: Halfpenny Lane, Eccleston, Nr Chorley, Lancashire PR7 5PR

Description: Inland quarry / training site

Depth: 22 metres max (72 feet)

Visibility: 2 metres (6 feet)

Rating: ***

This site is still up-and-coming and cheaper and nearer than Capenwray for training from Manchester and Leeds. The viz is always poor - however it makes for good, safe training for low viz diving. Torches are essential. It is also quiet and a very short walk to the waters edge. There are lines to the sunken objects to make navigation easier. If you go to down to the keel by the bow of the sunken boat it is dark and scary if you are not used to it - but it is a good test of your nerves!

Location map

John Green, BSAC Advanced Diver and OW Instructor

I just did a dive at Eccleston Delph for the first time and found it refreshing not to be clambering over other divers. Although vis wasn't great it's quiet and not busy but still with lots to see. Price is slightly excessive but then I'm a student. I think once finished it will become more popular.

I recently did a dive here and although it has undergone a major redevelopment it appears to be on the facilities that are best suited to extracting finances from your pocket to theirs. The toilet and shower facilities might well have not existed, and the attitude of the staff has a lot to be desired. Better signposting of closing times on site would be an advantage and also a last dive insertion time to save any unwarrented ill manner.

Andy Hunter

I dive the Delph every month or so. Quieter than Capernwray, vis isn't as good but worth the trade off sometimes. Staff are friendly enough once you get to know them. Is there an on-site dive shop anywhere that isn't more expensive than your LDS? Currently undergoing improvements so worth a visit.


Dived the Delph yesterday in 16°C water and good / moderate visibility. A lot of the development work undertaken in the last twelve months is coming to fruition and the site gets better and better. I do have to take issue with a few of the comments posted previously. When you look at the Delph as an all round dive site you would struggle to find a match. The previously good facilities (that have been there for ages) have got better and showers, cafe, dive shop, changing rooms cannot be found on every dive site. Training is available, late diving is available, kit hire / repair is available but far more importantly, rescue equipment, oxygen and trained personnel are on site should the unthinkable happen. Our sport is an inherently expensive one, but the Delph has come a long way in a short space of time in build terms, the staff have never been rude to me and I think you get out what you put in where attitude is concerned.

All in all I think the Delph is a great site run by knowledgable, caring and pleasant people and I happily dive there on a regular basis. Thumbs up for the Delph, especially the hot tea! Thank you ladies.

Stevey La, BSAC Sports Diver

I have dived here 7 times now, not a great deal I grant you but the vis has ranged from 1 metre to several, they recently restocked on fish and on my last dive I ascended through a shoal of about 40 small perch - wonderful sight, I enjoy the Delph and would recommend anyone to try it!


I dived in the quarry the other week for my first time and I found the vis quite poor, although there was quite a bit to see. Also I found the staff there very friendly and I never had a problem with them. But to be fair I think Capernwray is a much nicer quarry with better visibility.


Eccie Delph is ok, the owner is a bit of a balloon but apart from that it's ok.

Steven Smith

Three from our club dived here on Saturday for the first time. Our first impressions were that it was a small friendly site and a lot quieter than Capenwray. The visibility was poor but 'manageable'. The facilities: shop, cafe, car parking, dive access etc were fine apart from the changing rooms which were damp and rather smelly. Apart from that we will probably dive there again.

David Robson

Had our first trip to the Delph the other weekend and we both really enjoyed it. The vis wasn't up to much - prob down to about 1m at some points - but it's all good practice. It's a nice size so it's easy to get around, the cafe is fantastic and the parking's spot on. We're definately going back.... this Saturday, in fact.


Have just read some comments made about the Delph and felt compelled to put them right. My wife and I are currently taking our PADI open water course there. We have 2 of the nicest people as instructors that you could want to meet (provided by the Delph), the staff there are all very helpful and friendly, contrary to some of the previous comments and definately nicer than at Capenwray. Both Barry and John are a mine of info and Barry is so knowledgable about equipment. Having shopped around we feel that his prices are excellent. John has a lot of responsibility looking after all the divers etc, at the end of the day his kneck is on the line if the unthinkable were to happen and to be honest you wouldn't believe some of the clowns that go there thinking its a great day out for very young children etc. The facilities are basic - granted - but they'd be better if the divers learned to look after them and tried to avoid sitting in the cafe soaking wet for instance. At the end of the day diving isn't supposed to be a glamourous hobby and you don't need the Hilton to enjoy the superb dive features here. Get off their backs, treat the staff and superb diving with respect and you'll have a blast!!!

Mark | 31/05/09

This place holds a special place in my heart as it's where I learnt to dive, great training facilities. I have to say I love The Delph, the viz can be variable but I say as the place is a training quarry it serves it purpose really well, and it has improved a great deal recently. Everytime I visit (1-2 times a month) there's always something new/upgraded to the topside facilities, the cafe, outside seating area, new kitting benches added. John can be a cautious fella but when you get to know him you'll see he's a great bloke. Looking forward to the Saturday night dives on the last Saturday of June, July and August.

Andy | 22/06/09

Apart from the vis which can be poor, this is a good inland site. Nice food at reasonable prices and decent facilities. Below water interesting things to see including a tank and plane.

Mathew Hayton, Adv Open Water | 23/07/09

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