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The Rez, inland dive site - courtesy of Paul Rosendale
The Rez, inland dive site - courtesy of Paul Rosendale
The Rez, inland dive site - courtesy of Paul Rosendale
The Rez entrance, England inland dive site - Courtesy of Martyn Farr
Diver in the Rez, England inland dive site - Courtesy of Martyn Farr
Tunnel in the Rez, England inland dive site - Courtesy of Martyn Farr
Divers at the entrance to the Rez, England inland dive site - Courtesy of Martyn Farr

UK Inland Diving

Reader Reviews:

Dive Site: The Rez

Location: Wallgrange, Sutherland Road, Longsdon, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, ST9 9QD

Description: Underground reservoir

Depth: 2 metres max (7 feet)

Visibility: 5 - 10 metres (15 - 30 feet)

Rating: ****

The Rez is an underground reservoir-come-diving centre in Staffordshire. It is only small at a mere 40m x 20m but it is certainly worth a visit. The last time we dived it we swam through it in total darkness!

David Widdas

Location map

This site is a must for anyone looking for something different. Martin, the owner is one of those guys that will and enjoys spending time with people who wish to dive there. You will need to book a place as you are allocated a time slot, I think for up to twelve divers at a time. This stops the water from been too crowded.


Dived here recently and enjoyed every minute of it, all 90 in-fact.

Went round with torches and strobes on first circuit, then turned out the lights and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Did some line laying and following and the cafe and staff are excellent.


This is a great site for overhead diving and line laying practice, though in a totally safe and well managed environment. I cannot praise the staff too much.

David Tombs

Even though this is basically a training site, it is quite an experience and a great place to get some practice in for real night dives or caves even to some extent. Staff are great, really friendly and down to Earth people with meal options available. There is a treasure hunt that you can play with if you want also.

Fun day out and something different.

Jason Smith, BSAC Sports Diver | 1/12/2008

The Rez is an unusual and interesting site, suitable for all levels of diver provided they are comfortable in pitch black conditions and penetrating the occasional swim through. The site is drysuit diving only, to prevent any divers using 'self reheat' drills! There are pieces of the original reservoir machinery to find whilst you are in there and the site is perfect for practising line laying and enclosed space escape drills in a safe environment - there is 0.5m of air space above the 2m water. Back up and low watt torches are preferred to retina burning Kowalski and Greenforce torches, as it adds to the sometimes eery experience.

The site owners, Martin and Beverley, are very helpful and friendly and the on site café is excellent, albeit a little expensive. They also offer camping facilities on site in the summer months for those who wish to dive one day and visit Alton Towers the next.

Jason Smith, BSAC Sports Diver | 4/05/2009

I organised a club visit there. Martin and his missus were fantastic taking time to chat to us all and made us feel very welcome, with an extremely good site briefing. With the size of the site we assumed that we would have a dive then that would be it (one of those 'done it once don’t need to do it again' places). How wrong we were, had the morning dive which gave us chance to get to know how the tanks are arranged, bit of line laying, and getting used to 'pitch black', having done night dives before, you don’t realise just how dark dark can be in the Rez. The second dive was even better pretty much playing hide and seek for over an hour (air use is really low due to the depth). All those that went said we would be booking another trip for the club soon.

Thanks Martin.

Tony Blood, BSAC | 09/12/2009

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