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Diving Selsey Lifeboat Pier, Sussex, UK
Nudibranch on Selsey Lifeboat Pier, diving Sussex, England
Pipefish on Selsey Lifeboat Pier, diving Sussex, England
Pipefish on Selsey Lifeboat Pier, diving Sussex, England
Tubeworm on Selsey Lifeboat Pier, diving Sussex, England
Dahlia anemone on Selsey Lifeboat Pier, diving Sussex, England
Dragonet on Selsey Lifeboat Pier, diving Sussex, England
Velvet swimming crab on Selsey Lifeboat Pier, diving Sussex, England
Leach's spider crab on Selsey Lifeboat Pier, diving Sussex, England

Scuba Diving South Coast England, UK, Europe

Dive Site: Selsey Lifeboat Pier

Location: Selsey Bill, Sussex

Description: Lifeboat launching pier

Depth: 1 - 5 metres (3 - 15 feet)

Visibility: 2 metres (6 feet)

Rating: ***

Selsey Lifeboat Pier is located just by the Lifeboat Inn, Selsey, just around the corner from Selsey Bill. This is a shallow dive that's great for getting back in the water again after a break from diving. The dive is most comfortably done on slack which is 4 hours before or 3 hours after Selsey HW. Despite the shallow depth of this dive, I would not recommend using this site for training novices as there was a lot of delicate marine life such as tube worms that would easily become damaged if there was either a high volume of divers visiting the site or trainees doing skills on the bottom.

The amount and variety of marine life on this dive came as something of a surprise once I had tuned my vision into the poor visibility. There were hermit crabs, pipefish and velvet swimming crabs. All in all not a bad shore dive.

Reader Reviews:

When diving Selsey Lifeboat please remember to use an SMB at all times, please see news flash from local dive centre (Mulberry Divers), this news flash has been released due to divers delaying the lifeboat from responing to a Mayday call on the 14th of June 08.

We have discussed this with Selsey RNLI and have agreed that the following Emergency signal will be used if the RNLI shore crew need divers to surface so that the Lifeboat can launch.

THREE loud bangs on the station structure - gap - THREE loud bangs.

If you dive near the fishing boats or the Lifeboat Station, then please:

  • Use an SMB
  • Avoid the area directly in front of the station ramp
  • Come to the surface immediately if you hear the emergency signal.

Please Mulberry Divers for full story. Lets all remember dive SAFE keep SAFE.

Richard Welch, PADI Rescue Diver

I would just like to add that if you haven't dived this site before that Mulberry Divers (see link above), a local dive centre, provide surface cover/dive marshall free of charge regular intervals. It's an interesting dive made all the better by the friendly services of the Mulberry Divers marshals who provide some local knowledge and advice. They also put on tea and coffee in the shop afterwards. Check the site out for details. BTW I am nothing to do with them ;-)

Clive Reynolds | 24/08/09

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