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Scuba Diving Moreton Island, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Water temperature:

22°C - 25°C (71°F - 77°F) is average


5mm wetsuit should be adequate


5 - 20 metres (15 - 65 feet)

Type of diving:

Wrecks, drift, Flinders Reef

Marine life:

Wobbegong sharks, turtles, barracuda, lobsters, grouper, trevally

When to go:

Any time of year

How to get there:

Moreton Island is located northeast of Brisbane and is reached by boat from Scarborough, near Redcliffe.

Stormy weather at Moreton Island, Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane is not a place you would automatically think of if planning where to dive in Australia. There is a reason for this - it is not outstanding diving, so I wouldn't recommend going out of your way to dive here, but if you are stuck in Brisbane over a weekend as I was then it might be worth a thought. There are liveaboard trips that are run to Moreton Island, giving you the opportunity to dive on Flinders Reef and some of the wreck sites that are nearby.

When you think of a liveaboard, most divers would think of a Red Sea-style cabin and quite a relaxed few days diving, but that's not really the case in Brisbane. We were booked on the Big Cat Reality and it is the norm on this trip to sleep in hammocks in one big room on the boat. The normal catamaran wasn't available the weekend we were there so we ended up staying in the hotel at Tangalooma on Moreton Island, which sounds nice enough but we walked past all the good rooms until we finally reached what looked like a concrete bunker and were then told we'd be sharing a room with 4 other people we'd never met before. All of this might not have been so bad if we'd known beforehand, but as we hadn't it came as a bit of a surprise! We had booked through Pro Dive and we got very little that was positive from the whole experience with them.

A sunnier moment at Moreton Island, Brisbane, Australia

The diving itself did not all go as well as it could have done either. We had some pretty stormy weather that weekend, the sea was choppy and there wasn't much light getting through the water. I think the photo of Moreton Island above shows it pretty much as it was! Given these conditions and the fact we were on a catamaran that had the stability of a weeble, I think the odds were against us having a great weekends diving, so that should be taken into account if you're reading the dive site reviews in this section. We'll probably get a whole load of comments on how the diving here is excellent and people not understanding how we didn't have a good time, but we can only tell it like it was for us. I will also add that this has been my only experience in 8 years of regular diving where I came away wholly unsatisfied.

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