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Sipadan (Borneo)

Swimming turtle (Sipadan)

Bait ball (Sipadan)

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Canary Islands, Lanzarote

The Blue Hole

Charco del Palo (North East)

Charco del Palo (South East)

The Harbour Wrecks

The Rabat Wreck

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Micronesia, Truk Lagoon

Aikoku Maru

Amagisan Maru

Fujikawa Maru

Fumitsuki Maru

Heian Maru

Hoki Maru

Kansho Maru

Nippo Maru

Rio de Janeiro Maru

San Francisco Maru

Sankisan Maru

Yamagiri Maru

New Zealand

Rainbow Warrior

Red Sea

Abu Galawa (Marsa Alam, Red Sea)

Carina (Sharm El Sheikh, Red Sea)

Dunraven (Sharm El Sheikh, Red Sea)

El Mina (Hughada, Red Sea)

Excalibur (Hughada, Red Sea)

Shaab Abu Nuhas (North Hughada, Red Sea)

Carnatic (North Hughada, Red Sea)

Chrisoula K (North Hughada, Red Sea)

Giannis D (North Hughada, Red Sea)

Gubal Barge (North Hughada, Red Sea)

Kimon M (North Hughada, Red Sea)

Salem Express (Safaga, Red Sea)

Kingston / Sarah H (Sharm El Sheikh, Red Sea)

Rosalie Moller (North Hughada, Red Sea)

Tienstin Wreck (Marsa Alam, Red Sea)

Thistlegorm (Sharm El Sheikh, Red Sea)

Ulysses (North Hughada, Red Sea)


The Boatyard


James Egan Layne (Southwest England)

HMS Scylla (Southwest England)

Diving in California

As dive site directory has grown and gets more and more diving information and dive site reviews it has become apparent that we should put up links to what we consider to be the best diving and best dive sites on the directory to help you quickly find information on some of the best diving in the world as quickly as possible! If you think there is another location on the directory that deserves to be included in our best of the best, please do contact us!

As well as linking to some of the the best diving in the world listed on the directory we're also going to use this space to list some of our more interesting content, such as diving videos and wreck illustrations. If you have something you think other divers would like to see, please do contribute!

Divers helmet on the USS Saratoga, Bikini Atoll

diving in Bikini Atoll

Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands was the site of 23 nuclear bomb tests between 1946 and 1958. It is a haven for divers due to the blasts which sunk ten major ships that were moored in the lagoon at the time. The wreck diving here makes this a world class diving destination with the highlight being the USS Saratoga, one of the best dive sites in the world.

Gas mask on the Unkai Maru 6

diving in Truk Lagoon

Truk Lagoon (officially spelt Chuuk) is one of the best wreck diving locations on the planet. It served as a Japanese military and naval base during the Second World War and intense U.S. bombing led to the creation of many wrecks. Rik Vercoe has supplied us with a fantastic selection of photographs for 25 different sites in Truk, which should compel every diver to rush out and book a holiday there.

diving Sipadan, Borneo

diving Sipadan, Borneo

Drop everything! Cancel your next diving holiday, the next 2 if necessary! Sell your car, sell your kids if you have to! Whatever you do - get on a plane to Sipadan! With well in excess of 1,000 logged dives in 20 different countries I can honestly say I have never seen anything even remotely close to the proliferation of underwater marine life which I experienced during my week in this amazing place. So it took 3 planes, a long bus ride, an overnight stay in a floating hostel and a 2 hour boat ride to get here, but next time I'll cut down my travel time by not coming back... read more | view a dive review!

diving Red Sea

diving the Red Sea

Diving in the Red Sea is first class. The best of the reefs are absolutely stunning with a real diversity of life. Combined with the interesting wreck diving, a holiday to the Red Sea can be a trip of a lifetime. Diving is a serious business here and the industry has bought a lot of money to the region. Dive operators are beginning to realise how vital the protection of the reefs is and marine parks have been set up as protected sites in order to preserve them and the communities they support... read more | view a dive review!

diving Scapa Flow

diving Scapa Flow, Scotland, UK

Scapa Flow lies in the beautiful and remote Orkney Islands just across from the most northerly point of mainland Scotland. It is famous for the wrecks of the German High Seas Fleet that were scuttled here at the end of World War I. There are seven wrecks from the fleet, plus a number of other smaller wrecks that sank under different circumstances. Together these definitely put Scapa in the top ten dive sites of the world. The sheer size of the German wrecks makes for awesome diving. The biggest of the fleet are the three battleships: the Kronprinz Wilhelm, the Markgraf and the Konig, all 177 metres long and weighing 26,000 tons... read more | view a dive review!

diving Catalina Island, California

diving Catalina Island, California

If only we were all back on Catalina Island, chilling out with a cold bottle of Pacifico and lime whilst excitedly discussing the fabulous days diving we'd just had and wondering what would be on the agenda the following day.

Santa Catalina is one of eight of Southern California's rocky channel islands, located in the North Pacific about 22 miles (35 km) southwest of San Pedro on the mainland. It is only 21 miles long and 8 miles wide and has a permanent population of about 3,000 and is the only island of the chain to have any permanent settlements... read more | view a dive review!

diving Cuba

diving Cuba

Cuba is a fascinating place with a turbulent history. Famous for its cigars and rum, Cuba is the largest of the Caribbean islands at 760 miles long. It lies only ninety miles south of the Florida coast, however due to political differences it has been isolated from Americans for the last forty years. Fidel Castro seized power in 1959 during a revolution that turned it into a socialist republic. It spent centuries as a Spanish colony meaning there are many Spanish buildings and a rich Latin American cultural heritage. The capital of Cuba is Havana, which is the countries cultural Center. In Havana there are many 16th century buildings that are slowly being restored and a massive fort at Moro Castle overlooking harbour... read more | view a dive review!

diving Malta

diving Malta

Malta is a small limestone island in the Mediterranean, not far from Sicily or Tunisia. It has few beaches and the shore shelves away rapidly. Diving in Malta is mostly shore-based due to this fact; moderately deep diving is possible without far from the shelter of the shore. Some boat diving is done around Comino and to reach some of the wreck dives that are located in isolated locations.

Malta played a significant role in World War II, serving as a base midway between mainland Europe and Northern Africa. The consequence of this was that more bombs were dropped there than were dropped on Birmingham in the UK. The bombing inevitably had its casualties, which now make great wreck dives. One of the wrecks is the HMS Maori... read more | view a dive review!

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