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Scuba Diving in the Balearics, Spain

Water temperature:

Sea temperatures vary from around 26°C (79°F) in August to 13°C (55°F) in January. In November and June you can expect a temperature of about 18°C (64°F), warming up the closer to the summer months you get


In July and August a 3mm full length wetsuit will be a comfortable option, for the rest of the holiday season a semidry should be enough. If you dive out of season (November to April), you will probably want to use a drysuit


10 – 40 metres (30 – 130 feet). In the summer 30 to 40 metres (100 – 130 feet) of visibility can be expected at most sites

Type of diving:

Reefs, walls, caves, wrecks

Marine life:

Barracuda, octopus, moray eels, jacks, grouper, wrasse, goatfish, cardinal fish, damsel fish, blennies, gobies, starfish, sea urchins, sponges, soft coral

When to go:

May to October. The Balearics are warmest from May to October, which is also when the majority of direct flights go to the islands, and the time when they cater for tourists the most. By November and on through into April the weather is less reliable, so diving can be blown out

How to get there:

From the UK - Both charter and scheduled flights are available to all three islands; flight times are about two hours. As a cheap option if you wish to create your own package deal, try easyJet who are amongst the budget airlines who fly regularly to the Balearics from May to October. They also offer a service to Mallorca for the rest of the year

The Balearics are located approximately one hundred miles off of the coast of southeast Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. They are a collection of three main islands, the largest being the central island of Mallorca, with Menorca to the northeast and Ibiza to the southwest. The Balearics are a hugely popular destination with European tourists due to the number of resorts and budget deals on offer. Over 3.5 million tourists visit the islands annually, the majority heading to Mallorca. Menorca is the quieter of the islands, but even here in the peak season you can expect to find flocks of tourists. The only time the number of tourists’ falls is during the winter months when there are fewer flights and the weather deteriorates.

Mallorca and Menorca are generally family destinations, although there are a few resorts on that are more popular with groups of friends. Ibiza has become known as the clubbing capital during the summer months, and suffers from its seedy reputation. However, if you journey beyond San Antonio you can find picturesque spots. As a word of caution, if you are thinking of visiting any of these islands give careful thought as to where you will be located and the accommodation you intend to stay in - some of the resorts will not be suited to all tastes.

Diving is available on all three islands and it is very similar around all of them. The Mediterranean water is moderately warm year round and in August it gets beautifully warm. The visibility is very good, and this combined with an abundance of marine life and interesting underwater scenery such as caves and rocky outcrops make the Balearics an ideal diving destination for those who are on a budget.

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